JS Naked Day

The web should work without JavaScript.

April 24 is JS Naked Day!

Join us for the annual festivity of going without JavaScript on the Web!

JS Naked Day promotes the rule of least power. That is: start with HTML for semantic markup and CSS for styling. Use the web platform (especially forms!) for interactivity. And then, progressively upgrade with JavaScript for advanced interactivity. In plain terms: your website should work without JavaScript enabled.

Why April 24?

In some countries, “April 24” can be written as “4/24” — which is also the HTTP error code for a failed dependency. JS Naked Day promotes the fact that websites should work without a dependency on JavaScript.

JS Naked Day editions

How to participate

Website owners

On April 24, simply remove all JavaScript from your website. JS Naked Day lasts for one international day. Technically speaking, it will be April 24 somewhere in the world for 50 hours:

  • from 00:00, April 24 UTC+14:00,
  • until 00:00, April 25 UTC-12:00.

Or, if you prefer that timeline with a single timezone:

  • from 10:00, April 23 UTC+00:00,
  • until 12:00, April 25 UTC+00:00.

This timespan ensures that websites will be JavaScriptless for the entire world to see at any given time during April 24.

You can link to this page to let your visitors know about your website’s shocking lack of JavaScript! This option is for those who feel a need to give their visitors a reference as to what’s going on. This is not about getting traffic or making money. There are no ads on this site, nor will there ever be. This is about you, the people, taking off their scripts in public.

You can also add your website(s) to this site by creating an issue or updating the proper file! Note: please use alphabetical order when listing your site to prevent merge conflicts.

Website surfers

On April 24, disable JavaScript in your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) and surf the web. For sites that do not work without JavaScript, consider reporting a bug with that site’s maintainers.

Tools and plugins

Attention plugin developers: If you have a JS Naked Day plugin for a popular CMS, or written in a programming language not listed here, feel free to make a pull request and add it.


JS Naked Day started because we were jealous of CSS Naked Day. It came out of a conversation between Zach Leatherman, Ryan McNeely, Jason Garber and Simon MacDonald.

Prior Art

JS Naked Day is not a wholly original idea. We acknowledge the fact we are copying CSS Naked Day. However, others have proposed similar ideas over the years, and we want to acknowledge them as well.